*1994, Taegu (Corée du Sud)

Sabrina Kaufmann, aged 22, is a young mangaka and independent artist from Luxembourg.

Drawing and writing stories have been her passions since she was a child. Sabrina started publishing her own stories at the age of 14 and as time went by, she realized she wanted to make a living with her art. Thus, in 2014, she got more serious about it, and started participating in conventions in order to reach a bigger audience.

Sabrina Kaufmann mainly draws free manga comics, as well as illustrations portraying beautifully dressed dolls in enchanting settings. Her stories are available in paper version, but also as free web comics, in both English and French. Through an artwork or story, she wishes to share some happiness, joy and dreams with everyone.

Sabrina’s second main activity is organizing workshops and manga art lessons. She’s teaching manga art to teenagers since 2011, be it in shops, libraries or schools. More recently, she has launched the first manga online lessons in Luxembourg, a unique concept that allows young people to get an individual follow-up during their learning process.

Why manga? When she was younger, there was no one to guide her in this field. In a Luxembourg that is more and more opening itself to this art style, she wishes to guide those who are interested in it, and moreover, sharing her passion with the world while being in touch with other passionate people!