*1938, Luxembourg

Roger told us that drawing has been an important part of his life since early childhood.

He was born in 1938 in Luxembourg City as the third son in a row of four. His schoolteacher told him soon, that he was gifted for drawing. However, he was never able to make a living with his talent, probably because he was very observant and his drawings were too realistic. Good craftsmanship but no arts. Nevertheless, he found a way to develop his talents.

For 45 years, he worked as a teacher, 10 years in elementary school and after a training course abroad as a specialised teacher in the Centre de Logopédie, a school working with deaf and hearing-impaired children. There, he made drawings on the blackboard each and every day in order to explain terms and situations to his pupils.

In the 60s he worked for three years in his leisure time at the illustration of the new French manuals Nous parlons français.

An amusing anecdote happened in the Teacher Training School. Here “Flammang” was born: A small edgy character, which appeared frequently on the blackboard or on flyers circulating under the desks and illustrating events and terms in a funny way. When a classmate unscrewed the backside of his desk, dropping it to the floor with a terrible noise, the teacher got very angry and asked who was responsible for this incident. Somebody replied “Flammang” although there was no pupil of this name in the class.


For some time, Roger was able to publish cartoons in the weekly Lëtzeburger Land. Later, the magazine Revue published for a longer period the column called Aus dem Jemp sengem Billerlexikon (From Jemp’s picture dictionary). In the monthly forum he published for a long time caricatures of a very critical nature aiming less at entertainment than at critical reflection.