**1976, Luxembourg

René Clement was born in Luxembourg on 20 May 1976. After primary and secondary school (Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers), René joined the army and was later employed by the Post Company. Already as a child, René liked to draw and as a youngster, he occasionally designed logos, posters and drawings for organisations, theatre representations or companies. In 2008, he created the T-shirt for Télévie and afterwards the mascot for the Luxembourg Post Company, together with a booklet for children.

His biggest success was the publication of the profile pictures of the metal band Anthrax on Facebook with more than 40000 “likes” in less than a few days. His drawings for METALLICA CHAPTER noticed a worldwide diffusion. René prefers to draw for music bands, for instance the disc cover for the German band Enrichment or the T-shirt for the group Sub7even. The posters and logos for rock festivals like Rock um Gau or Food Rock Festival are products of his imagination. He also designed four Star-Wars-badges sold in favour of Make A Wish, an NGO supporting seriously ill children.