Pit Weyer was born in 1940 and thus is one of the senior cartoonists in Luxembourg. He’s married to Anne who is herself a painter and a cartoonist. The Weyer family is in the graphical art business for several generations now. Together with his son Lex, Pit runs the family business (Lex+Pit Weyer créations/publicité) he inherited from his father.

From 1959 to 1964 Pit studied graphical arts at Folkwangschule für Gestaltung in Essen, Germany. During that period he met Anne. In 1965 they married and settled in Luxembourg where Pit joined his father’s business. Anne and Pit soon became involved in the left wing movement and the underlying artistic community. Between 1966 and 2010 he has created over 300 posters for Luxembourgish theatres. In 2002 he published a collection with 174 of those posters (Affiches de théâtres de Pit Weyer). Since 2004 his son Lex has joined him in the family business.

Pit Weyer’s drawing style proves to be rather difficult to categorise. It’s best described by revisiting his different artworks. His refreshingly ludicrous posters are populated with absurd characters and objects. Sometimes one is reminded of Terry Gilliam’s collages and animations in the Monty Python’s series.

His artwork does not classify as traditional caricature in the form of a critical portrait with an underlying political message. It does, however, hold some of its characteristics. Pit Weyer never targets a specific person and he doesn’t have a political agenda.

Although some of his work clearly files under cartoon, much of it isn’t as easy to define. Outside the methodological problem of defining “cartoon” emerges a practical one: Artists like Pit Weyer constantly overstep the boundaries of said category. This makes it even harder to define.

Besides those few artworks that clearly don’t show any caricatured traits and aren’t designed to be humorous, there are many whose reception lies in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless, a major part of his work has a distinct touch of humour to it.

Pit and the rest of the family present their work on their common website: www.weyerdesign.lu