Olivier JOHN

*1971, Luxembourg
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Olivier John, born in May 1971, is one of the younger Luxembourgian caricaturists. For more than ten years his work regularly appeared in forum, a monthly independent newspaper. He’s the assistant director of the RTPH (Work and human promotion network).

Olivier interrupted his law studies to pursue a carrier in the social area. Then he decided to publish some of his caricatures to make ends meet. He started drawing caricatures for advertisement purposes for Co-labor, a gardening-business with focus on social integration. Later he became one of the caricaturists of forum.

At school the self-taught caricaturist refined his style and his drawing technique during classes: “Drawing helps me focus”, explains the man with the goatee, smiling. Even today it helps him concentrate during meetings.

From Olivier John’s point of view, the strong point of caricature as a means of communication is that it’s quick to understand. His fast-paced drawing style is influenced by Belgian and French comic artists. Amongst his German influences he cites Klaus Stuttmann whom he’s admiring for his ability to come up with a new caricature every day, which represents an enormous intellectual effort. John’s publications are usually kept in black and white.
This type of chromatic restraint is well known amongst caricaturists working for newspapers. His texts are in Luxembourgish, German or in French, depending on the article, it goes with the commissioner’s wishes. According to him, caricature should reflect as closely as possible the state of mind of its creator, but unfortunately in the world of the media this is only rarely the case.

Unpretentious, he confides: “I achieve my goal every time someone hangs one of my caricatures on an office-wall, smiling about it once a day.”