Introduction is proud to present a new anthology of Luxembourg’s cartoonists and caricaturists.

31 of them responded positively to our invitation to contribute to this publication, our heartfelt thanks to all of them. A first call for contributions was launched in August 2016 and was sent to a dozen artists who had already been contacted in 2009. Their number almost tripled what we consider as a good omen. We are particularly happy about the fact, that many young talents joined the dinosaurs of Luxembourg cartoon art. In the same time, we are very sad about the fact, that two of us have left us forever: François Didier and above all Roger Leiner, a good friend and a member of the board who collaborated in this project until his unexpected death. We dedicate this book to both of them. Moreover, we asked our artists to pay tribute to Roger’s engagement for caricature, cartoon and comics by dedicating him a drawing. is the child of an association called “Kiischpelter Cartoonale” created in 1997 in the aftermath of an open-air painting contest that has taken place since 1991 on our National Holiday in the village of Lellgen, part of the commune of Kiischpelt. Gradually, more and more cartoons appeared beneath the painter’s canvasses and subsequently, a contest with a separate exhibition was organised. The tourist office of Kiischpelt supported the organisation of the contest financially, the exhibition and the publication of the Flautert, a catalogue where the contributions were published. The first contest took place in 1992, the last in 1996. Five issues of the Flautert were published.

On February 29, the association changed its name into “” with statutory seat at the castle of Vianden. Under the impulse of former president Charel Schmit, the project of the present anthology took shape. The cartoonists were contacted and interviewed by Bert Lulling, whom we would like to thank for the preparatory work he did already in 2010. Grant applications for government funding have gone unfortunately on deaf ears and the project was gradually abandoned. After some years of inactivity, the association was about to be dissolved but saved miraculously on the party celebrating Roger’s 60th birthday by two diehards who decided, after some glasses of friendship, to save the project of the anthology.

After this major decision implying heavy consequences in form of labour, we had to decide what artist was eligible for this project. A definition that suited us very much was found in the superb book L’art de la bande dessinée, published in 2012 by Citadelles et Mazenot: “However comic artists are cartoonists and the word cartoon has a much broader acceptance. It not only includes sequential stories (which means comics) but also press drawings (editorial cartoons), caricatures, humoristic drawings and even illustrations.” (Thierry Groensteen, p. 21) In fact, most of the artists presented in this book do a little bit of everything, so it’s difficult to classify them.

Still we had to ensure the financing.We had meetings with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism and both were so kind to promise us to buy about 20 copies of the book after its publication. Finally, we got a grant by the Fonds Culturel National to be payed to CartoonArt after the publication and we are very grateful for this support. As this grant will cover only a small part of our expenses, we decided to finance the project by our own means. We also thank the responsible staff of the Shopping Centre la Belle Étoile in Bertrange as well as the staff of the BD Festival in Contern for their support.

During our meetings, we got aware gradually, that the contributions of our artists varied strongly as form and contents were concerned. So we had the idea to ask them to make a caricature on a common subject, that preoccupied public opinion in November 2016: The nightmare of an exploding population – the “1.1 million state”. Also the biographical notes varied strongly. Some of our artists limited themselves to the strict minimum, others wrote long and detailed contributions. So we had to intervene with our scissors, also what bibliographical indications were concerned. We tried hard to treat everyone equally.

Special thanks go to our board member Véronique Mathay who collaborated on the project and realized the layout of this beautiful book at a bargain price as well as to all the board members of for their fruitful collaboration.


Robert Soisson, president
Pol Leurs, member

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