*1962, Liège (B)

Born into a family of artists in 1962, Olivier Jaminon is a Belgian cartoonist and caricaturist. His father, Albert Jaminon was a famous expressionist painter. All of his schooling took place in Liège: He studied classical humanities at the Centre Scolaire Saint-Servais, followed by fine arts at the Institut Saint-Luc from which he graduated in June 1984. Furthermore he has a diploma in pedagogical aptitude from CNTM, Institut Saint-Laurent.

Olivier Jaminon’s professional career started with a comic book called Pollux et le chat bleu (45 pages), made after Serge Danot’s feature-length film for FR3. After his military service, Olivier joined his fiancée in Arlon and started to work in Luxembourg as a graphic designer and illustrator for Europublicité and for Orbite Conseil. For 20 years, he created logos, mascots, illustrations and page designs for Luxembourg companies and for ministries (Mathematik 1-5, publicity for Match stores, etc.). Since March 2004, he was employed as an in-house caricaturist for Saint-Paul in Luxembourg (cartoons, calendar of the Centre National pour la Protection des Données - CNPD and a children’s book, D’Milly Maus by Lex Roth) until the social plan of 2012 invol-
ving staff reductions. He also worked as a court artist for Wort online in several cases. He created up to two cartoons a day, mostly in colour.

Obliged to find a new job in Belgium, he works since 2014 as a communication officer for the Maison de la Culture d’Arlon (catalogues, publications, posters, advertising and tickets sale). Simultaneously, he publishes Bonnes nouvelles des débuts, a youthful indiscretion at Demdel in 2015, and Bleus, Bleuets, Bleuettes, poems at Novelas in 2016. A new comic will be published soon at Demdel.

He lives with his wife Gabrielle in Arlon. They have two grown-up children.