Nicolas THOLL

*1956, Luxembourg

Nic Tholl was born in 1956 in Luxembourg City. He’s an interior decorator, but also works as a caricaturist and illustrator. He’s living with his wife in Cruchten.

Nic first oriented himself towards carpentry. But then he decided to work as an interior decorator which is closer to painting and drawing and thus to caricature. He is self-taught in arts and continues to refine his drawing skills. A great number of his artwork is essentially publicity for several financial businesses and for social, cultural and artistic causes. They are mostly printed on paper but also on T-shirts. He supported several protest movements such as D’Fanger ewech vun den dräi Eechelen.

Amongst Nic Tholl’s artistic influences are André Franquin and Guillermo Mordillo. He exhibited his caricatures in Dalheim, Belvaux and Ehlerange. Illustrations of children’s books are a major part of his work and have influenced his style and technique a great deal. Those publications are all aimed at younger crowds and have an educational goal. Some of those projects go beyond the mere education and take action: Stopp die Armut! (Stop poverty!) is a project brought to life by the CSI. Nic is providing them with the illustrations for their paper publications as well as for there website. He also took part in the foundation of the Kiischpelter Cartoonale and the Comic Festival in Contern and was a member of the Comic-club, which was dissolved a while ago. He was part of the Giwenecher Cartoon Concours jury. This event was brought to life by G. Pierson and takes place in the framework of the rehabilitation program of the Givenich prison facility.
The caricatures of Nic Tholl can be rather critical. But the topics he chooses are rather socially oriented than politically motivated. His favourite subjects are fishing, hunting and music bands. When Nic chooses to caricature a public and/or political figure he often purposely leaves their faces unrecognisable to avoid possible countermeasures. But the context and the symbolism of the caricature usually reveal the subjects identity. Nic Tholl’s art has a practical side to it and serves social purposes.