*1980, en Normandie (F)

Since 2007 Marina is independent and obtained the artist status in 2012.Her style is all about cartoonesque pop art, a universe of very expressive fantastic characters, often very abstract, with bright colours and a frank, organic and unique stroke. After studying cartoons and art, she worked as a layout artist at the Service National des Sites et Monuments. Marina also worked in the antique furniture restoration and as a camera

operator for Arte, M6, MTV and Anubis Pictures; it is really important for her to put some action in her wild ideas. The graphite drawing of her sketches transforms itself in acrylic paintings on canvas. For Marina the best moment of the evolution of a work is the transition from the ideas to the sketches.

Marina has exhibited in several galleries and collectives in Europe and Canada since 2005. She represented Luxembourg at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice (2013), and she won the incentive prize of the Europäischen Vereinigung bildender Künstler Prüm (2014). More and more often she goes to Normandy because she found there a lot of resources for many projects to share with Luxembourg. Marina Herber illustrated some books like Le diptère empoisonné, 24 Kulinareg Recepter, Melusina in 2014 and the booklet and website of the Bee Secure campaign which won the first prize decerned by
Police Internationale.