*1966, Luxembourg

Lex, the son of Anne and Pit Weyer, was born in 1966 in Luxembourg City. He lives near his workplace, a small family business founded by his grandfather.

After graduating high school he enrolls at the University of Essen (1986-1991), which was the former Folkwangschule für Gestaltung where his parents studied some 27 years before. After his studies he taught drawing and art design at several schools. Then, in 2004, he joined the family business. Lex+Pit Weyer créations/publicité is both an advertising agency and an art design studio which makes it one of a kind in Luxembourg.

Lex Weyer’s artistic career is closely related to illustration and advertising, serving political, cultural and economic purposes. But the way he chooses to handle a great deal of his topics puts him clearly in the first ranks of caricaturists and cartoonists.


However, he distinguishes himself graphically from his parents by a cruder drawing style. At least that is the impression one gets by his rather raw-looking sketches of beasts lurking in bars and greasy spoons. Lex has definitely face-lifted the ageing human-animal allegory.

Some of his work goes past the simple caricature and merges with a more abstract painting. Most of his publications come without any text. The occasionally exceptions are mostly in German. However, he rarely goes for politics. When he expresses criticism, his work mirrors ethical or philosophical questions at the viewer.