*1958, Luxembourg Schandeler

I. N. Schandeler was born in 1958 in Luxembourg. He’s an engineer in electronics and specialised in computers. He teaches computing and web design at the University of Luxembourg and lives with his companion Gaby Biver in Eischen.

From 1970 to 1977 he attended the Athénée de Luxembourg. He studied electronics at the University of Liège. Thus he constantly swings from technical drawings to artistic ones. His professional career includes a range of relatively different jobs: He worked for Goodyear, Nixdorf, LTECG (a technical secondary school of commerce and management), LTE (a technical secondary school in Esch-sur-Alzette), CUL (university centre which preceded University of Luxembourg) and ISERP (Institute for superior educational studies and research). The latter two eventually merged with the new founded University of Luxembourg where Ingo Schandeler works today. For twelve years he also has been politically active on a local level in Eischen.

Ingo’s artistic career is kind of a patchwork as well: theatre, cabaret, set design, illustration, sculpture, cartoon, caricature and the list goes on. His artworks often cross styles, so several of them fall within or somewhere in between classical paintings and cartoons. Likewise his techniques range from pastel painting to digital techniques. Amongst his artistic influences are Robert Crumb, Jacques Tardi and Salvador Dalí.


Ingo Schandeler’s novelty and interdisciplinarity best show in his mind maps. They consist in a network of ideas on a particular subject. The most commonly spoken languages in Luxembourg seem all to appear randomly. Connected by humorous thought, clichés put side by side, start to form patterns and structure.

When the engineer influences the artist, structure becomes the object and form the content.