*1948, Rodange (L)

Fern(and) Weirich was born 29 March 1948 in Rodange. He is currently living in retirement in Germany. He is busy with running his psychological practice while still writing and drawing.

After leaving school, he performed as a drummer in the music band The Mysteries and The Outlaws together with well-known Luke Haas. He entered the army for two years and worked further on as a state official. In his leisure time he maintained the drawing. Fern is a very special person who likes to leave the beaten path and thus it is not astonishing that all his artistic activities are self-educated.

Although Fern is drawing since his childhood, he only started publishing at the age of forty. Among his drawings there are caricatures, cartoons and comic strips. He performs in two radically different styles, one more funny and based on the traditional caricature, the other drifting into the fantasy world in American style, much more dark and austere.
ern published his caricatures and cartoons in some daily newspapers and magazines such as Lëtzeburger Journal, Tageblatt and Gaart an Heem. But his artistic career really started after the second edition of the International Comic Festival in Contern, when Denis Berche asked him to join the weekly Jeudi. There he published until 2004 and then followed Berche in the daily newspaper Le quotidien. His first humouristic comic strip was published in Autorevue.

Fern is apolitical (in case of doubt rather left) and strictly nonreligious. He is quite unconventional and very critical towards abuses and nuisances of social life. His style reveals the influence of French comics, his critical mind has been shaped by his rebellious youth and his verve remains impetuous and direct.
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2008 - Das Tal (2. Deel) – Verlag TheNextArt – Bande dessinée (Anthologie)

2008 – Artwork I. - Verlag TheNextArt – Illustrations

2008 - 10 ans Opalebd - Editions de la Fibule - Illustrations (Anthologie)

2013 – Artwork II. – Verlag TheNextArt – Illustrations

2013 – Wurzelwelt-Chronik I. – Verlag TheNextArt – Graphic Novel

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