*1969, Luxembourg (L) - Claude Christ

Claude Christ was born on 5 January 1969 in Luxembourg. After primary school in Luxembourg and Belgium, Claude passed his A-degree in Habay-la-Neuve/Belgium. Afterwards, he studied illustration, publicity, comic design and history of art at the Royal Academy of Arts in Liège. In 2001, he attended a course at the Marvel Art School in New York. He studied painting, animated cartoons and photography during four years at the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg-City.

Claude participates on a regular basis in Cartoon Festivals in Luxembourg and abroad (Contern, Arlon, Bruxelles, Erlangen, Essen, Faumont, Lexy, Gent, Munich, etc.). He frequently visits book fares, street festivals and hobby markets in order to present his drawings in individual or collective exhibitions. He collaborates with the Nürnberger Comic Blatt and the Berlin underground magazine U-Comix. Claude is the owner of the only one-man-publishing house in Luxembourg. In the Ni-Rei Éditions, he does all the work himself.

Claude is a Karateka. He has already published some booklets with humourous drawings on this sport.



BLOOD MOOD COMICS; BDs : Bloodmoodie, The Super Gallo, The Magic Scritch, Prehistoria ...
NI-REI VERLAG/EDITIONS; BDs Prehistoria 1: Evolution, 2. Invention, 3. Primitif: Emex, MX-2 , The Extraterresstrial 1; The Karate Training; Cars
Édition des Bandes Dessinées: “LE NAIN SECTAIRE PASTEURISÉ”
Planned: The Adventures of Jim Gordon