*1956, Luxembourg

Born in Luxembourg in 1956, Carlo Schneider is a Luxembourgish caricaturist and cartoonist living in Switzerland. From his house on “Kreuzstrasse” in “Langnau im Emmental” (Bern) he’s dissecting western politics through his illustrations, on a national, European or local level. He’s publishing mostly in French, German or Luxembourgish.

As a student he sporadically published political caricatures in Tageblatt. For 25 years he worked on a number of art pro-jects besides his career as a local council employee. His exhibitions, which focused mainly on watercolour paintings and illustrations of children’s books, one by one, led him to a full-time career as a painter and illustrator.

Carlo distinguishes between caricatures, political and non-political cartoons but makes use of all of them. To make ends meet he also works for advertising purposes by developing marketing items and logos. Items such as calendars are a good promotional tool for companies and public awareness campaigns like those of Liberté de conscience.

Carlo Schneider’s work is published on a regular basis in the Solothurner Tagblatt, in BZ (Berner Zeitung) and Nebelspalter. In Luxembourg his caricatures sum up the Sunday newscast on RTL and are published in Tageblatt,
in the publications of the Mouvement Écologique and the OGBL. In France they can be seen in Le Courrier international. Through agencies they pop up throughout the world, however they mostly appear in Swiss, German, French and Luxembourgish newspapers.

His red lion is a burlesque representation of the Grand Duchy and its inhabitants. It has become an icon for humorous criticism in Luxembourg. However Carlo Schneider doesn’t provoke wantonly but uses his humour to inform rather than to insult people.

Every year, Carlo publishes his very popular KARIKAtour sold in Bookstores and kiosks. He also published BüroCartoons and Spo(r)tlights together with Patty Thielen.