*1959, Luxembourg

Born in 1959, Carlo Schmitz is a caricaturist working for the magazine forum and an art teacher at the Lycée de Garçons in Esch-sur-Alzette. He currently resides in Luxembourg City.
After graduating High School, with a focus on scientific subjects, Carlo enrolled in the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels in the field of Visual Communication before going to the Institut d’Arts plastiques in Strasbourg.

Carlo started drawing for the weekly paper Revue in 1977. Then, from 1985 up until the mid-nineties, he regularly publishes his works in the magazine forum, a task which he takes up again in 2010. His sociocritical drawings are a good fit for this magazine covering social topics without taking political sides. Carlo’s caricatures don’t necessarily illustrate and reflect the message of a text or article; they allow an independent “reading“ on their own.

Carlo’s caricatures tell a story. And it doesn’t always have to be a funny one. In fact, he himself calls his caricatures “realistic depictions“. His works may touch the profane: characters drawn with a sharp pen, simplified, distorted und disproportioned.

Carlo’s drawings are minimalistic as well as complex, meaning-wise however, they always reflect reality. By the way, if you ask Carlo, the characteristic “little heads and fat bellies“ represent the typical Luxembourger quite well.

His artistic influences are many: Bosch, Daumier, Grosz, Dix, Ungerer, etc. To this group of figures, he also adds colleagues, such as Pol Leurs and, in particular, his friend François Didier.


Carlo sees art as a means to disrobe and expose reality, often times unveiling the absurd.

Humoristic or not, Carlo Schmitz always considers his caricatures as an important and educational tool to convey information in the everlasting fight against obscurantism.
Livres: „Commedia del Arte“ (+M. Raus) 1994 ; „Musikalische Federspiele“ (+R. Harsch) 1996, „DUDA, Kurioses aus dem Rotstiftmilieu“ (+ R. Harsch) 2011 – „The Hoogen-Stoogen Tulip (+ R. Schofield) 2013, „D’Glühschwengschen“ (+N. Wagener/ L. Caregari) 2016.
Collection APESS :
H. Gehlhausen : „Satiren und Glossen I & II“ (1994 ; 1997)
R. Harsch: „Kalendarium für geplagte Stadt- und Landleut“ (1997) „Laub und Nadel (2000) „PARODIES… und DAS“ (2004)
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