*1979, Luxembourg

Andy “-ND!-“ Genen is born on 22 April 1979 in Luxembourg City. Very soon as a kid he liked all kind of comics, but the moment he received his first Batman book at the age of six, he completely fell in love with American comics for the rest of his life (with the exception of a brief journey into the world of manga during his teenage years).

After graduating from high school at the artistic section of the Lycée de Garçons Esch/Alzette in 1998, Andy went to Brussels where he studied “comic book creating” at the Institut St-Luc. After returning to Luxembourg in 2004, he got offered by Roger Leiner to draw a page for the Superjhemp album De Fluch vun der 23. On that occasion he met the scriptwriter Lucien Czuga, with whom he created the De leschte Ritter trilogy.

Besides drawing comics, -ND!- illustrated all kinds of different projects as a freelance artist. One day he asked the musician John Rech to draw the cover to a record for his band Dream Catcher, the result being a “Sonic Comic”, a mixture of comic book and music album that sees the light of day in 2009. Two other volumes have appeared since. Andy and John worked together on many other different projects, one being Gefaangen an der Diddelenger Geschicht, where they send two kids through the history of the town of Dudelange. In 2012 and 2015, Andy and John received the Luxembourgish book award for best children’s/teen’s book.

From time to time Andy also does some solo work. At those moments one can most see his love for American comics, like with his super hero apprentice De Roude Puma, whose first book came out in 2012 and who even had a crossover with Superjhemp in 2015.