*1960, Diekirch (L)

Marc Angel was born on February 24, 1960 in Diekirch. Today, he lives and works in Beckerich. 20 years ago, Marc Angel made himself known in professional circles as an independent graphic designer and illustrator. In the beginning, he devoted his creative talents to commissioned work for publicity agencies, editors and cultural institutions. Later, he worked increasingly as a comic author and designer and independent painter. Today, the artist occasionally publishes comics and picture albums under the pseudonym ‘Mangro’ mostly by self-publishing.




1998-2001: BD Deemols - Episoden aus der lëtzebuerger Geschicht, 3 tomes, Binsfeld
2008: Eng Rees ëm d’Welt ; premier prix au concours de l’album illustré
2011: BD Pelle Svensson und die Republik der Tiere + Egilsdottir/Schoos
2015: Graphic Novel Le Yas / De Jas + Schlesser (fr. / lux)
2016: BD Le trésor d’Useldange; Useldange & Cattenom (fr. / lux)